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5 One-Minute Instant Pot Tips

Sharing 5 of my top Instant Pot tips! This is one of the most helpful 5 minutes of YouTube you'll ever watch if you're new to the Instant Pot.

The Instant Pot's Viral Word-Of-Mouth Success

Launched in 2010, the multifunction cooker became a sleeper hit last year. That's when its maker harnessed the enthusiasm of owners - self-dubbed "addicts" - to spread the word online.

Safety Alert: Don’t Cover or Obstruct Pressure Cooker Vent

A growing number of people are sharing pressure cooker tips that include advice about covering the valve or vent of the pressure cooker during pressure release by covering the vent/valve of the pressure cooker with a dry or wet towel, paper towel, hot pad or other object.

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