10 Essential Instant Pot Accessories

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Furthermore, our list items change as our premium members vote on their favorite items. The items are ordered in terms of popularity. Welcome to the most awesome Instant Pot fan website on the internet!

#1 Steam Rack (Trivet)

This trivet is excellent for stacking food inside your pressure cooker that you don't want to crush. Trivets are used to keep certain foods isolated, perfect for PIP and eggs. They can also be used with other items and containers that you do not want touching the base of the cooker. For instance, they are perfect for elevating your cake pans and this model will easily fit inside the IP-DUO.

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#2 - Fat Daddio's Cake Pan

The #1 recommendation for use with the Instant Pot. This essential accessory does NOT leak. Don't limit your thinking to just cakes and desserts! The tall walls were designed perfectly for layered dishes. Use this pan for rice, chicken, spicy dishes, as well as classic cheese cakes.

This item is so popular that it is frequently out of stock. If you're reading this, it's your lucky day! If it is out-of-stock, this is the most popular alternative.

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#3 - Set of 6 Silicone Easy Egg Poachers

We love this set because of the vibrant colors and because we cook perfect eggs every single time. These are the vest egg poachers available! One reason they are so popular is because of their versatility. They can be used in the
  • Microwave
  • Stovetop (boiling water)
  • Inside a pressure cooker

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#4 - Instant Pot Inner Pot

Although it isn't a fun new toy to experament with, a spare inner pot is one of the most useful accessories. We make yogurt all the time and prefer to simply leave the yogurt in the pot. With an extra pot (or a few extra pots), you can store leftovers and have a clean pot ready when you need to quickly prepare multiple dishes.

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#5 - Good Grips Silicone Steamer

This is an ideal steamer for an Instant Pot or other pressure cooker, but there are some complaints about the legs being too short when using it in a stove-top pot.

Use this for: 1) hard boiled eggs, 2) steamed veggies, 3) fish, 4) the list could go on and on. Because it does not have extremely tall legs and comes with easy handles, this steamer is absolutely perfect for IP users.

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#6 - High Temperature Resistant Gloves

These gloves can be used for all sorts of things. Slip them on when you are using the oven, stir frying, taking dishes out of a steamer, and instantly removing inserts from electric pressure cookers. It is incredibly easy to clean these gloves -- using water and a paper towel you can wipe it clean. Just a few detailed features:
  • Lifetime Warranty comes FREE
  • MONEY BACK Guarantee
Cheap gloves don't last, and these are the best available!

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#7 - Euro Cuisine Greek Yogurt Maker

This #1 best-selling product is WAY easier (and cleaner) than cheese cloth or milk bags or whatever else you're using. Buy two of these if you want to make a gallon of milk worth of yogurt at one time. The yogurt function is one of the most popular Instant Pot features because "commercial" Greek yogurt is SO expensive. Pay a one-time-fee for this yogurt maker and never pay high prices again. The only complaints we have are that it could be bigger... BUT, the size as-is fits really well inside the fridge and has room for drippings.

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#8 - SWEET and SAVORY Instant Pot Sealing Rings

This is a best-selling Instant Pot accessory for the 5qt and 6qt models. Made of silicone and exclusively for use in the Instant Pot, the Sweet and Savory edition (pictured) allows you to keep your sealing rings separate at a glance! No more mix-ups!

Why do you need to keep them separate? Most of us like to keep one ring for "sweet" dishes, and another for "savory." This way you don't bake a cake with the smelly garlic ring.

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#9 - Steel Steamer with Extendable Handle

Works great inside the Instant Pot pressure cooker and we've run ours through the dishwasher multiple times with no issues. This is the steel version of the (green) silicone steamer listed earlier. Features:
  • Handle hole for fork keeps hands away from steam
  • Sturdy, stainless steel construction
  • Telescoping handle extends and locks

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#10 - Set of Pyrex Glass Cups

Making flan, custard, or Creme Brulee? You need these!

We like to use these for Egg Muffins. Keep in mind, you will need a rack in between the cup layers.

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